how to stop shiny object syndrome and focus on one thing

This video,, can also be seen at of the top reasons that people struggle is to a lack of focus, or shiny object syndrome. Unfortunately, I’m not perfect either. Even with a successful business, it’s very difficult for me to focus on just one business venture at a time.Well, chances are you have shiny object syndrome.. Keep in mind: this is not an exhaustive list, and this isn't the end all be all, but it is a start.. You constantly start things, but never finish them.. Something I learnt from doing runs is that you just focus on the next step and do that, don't focus on how far.Warning: First parameter must either be an object or the name of an existing. Spencer Haws: How to Stay Focused and Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome. are horrible at life” and “3 Obvious things your life is missing to be full.Does this phrase represent an actual clinical diagnosis? There is no such diagnosis in the DSM. Based on your definition (the tendency to start new ideas.Shiny object syndrome. shiny object syndrome. I In our society that craves INSTANT gratification for damn-near everything, no wonder we get tripped up on the the continual chase for the next best thing. The next shiny object. Surely, *this new thing* will make me happy. But, wait. now I’m bored with *that thing*, but Ooooooo, what about *this new thing over here*. and then rinse, repeat.As an entrepreneur, I am attracted to new. Someone at some point even coined the term Shiny Object Syndrome to describe what ails us. In my 20s, I jumped from business idea to business idea; some.Dustin C. Bush. I am Dustin C. Bush, Faculty Associate in the Center of Health Policy and Ethics – University of Nebraska Medical Center. Interested in health, studies, exercise, pain reductions and fitness.In this article, we’ll define shiny object syndrome, the negative effects it can have on your life, and six simple strategies you can use to avoid it. What Shiny object syndrome can have negative effects on your life, learn how to stop it by following the strategies given in this article.